We're a big community group

In Tiny-Foxes, we host project that have been made with the community itself, we range from translations all the way up to whole themes for OutFox.

If you have a project that supports OutFox or you want to support any of our projects, you can join us! Join Project OutFox Community Server and talk with Moru Zerinho6#9939

Pinned Projects

Our pinned repositories do not mean our main repositories, we can and will change it at any time for any reason.


Repository for translation files for OutFox.


a fork of Simply Love focused on additional tweaks for compatibility and integrations with StepMania OutFox 5.3


Community made color schemes for SoundWaves


A small application to automate some tasks for translators


Kitsu Template for Project OutFox


Community version of Soundwaves, the Project OutFox default theme.